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Who We Are:

KTV Sierra Leone is an online media platform with a sole purpose of breaking news and rumors that covers African politics, business, global technology, entertainment, health and social media. We are a coverage you can count on across the Sierra Leone Community for your online source for local news, entertainment, politics, and sports. Now, KTV Sierra Leone has launched its Radio platform KTV Radio S/L geared towards bringing you new and old Sierra Leone music 24/7 with the intention to promote Local artists.

Since we started our broadcast, we’ve been committed to our mandated task of maintaining the public service broadcasting, by way of providing the public with the information and entertainment, and fostering the social, cultural and economic development of the country, and has maintained this commitment as the core guiding principle of our programming policy.


At KTV Sierra Leone our vision is to create a better everyday life for all our listeners/viewers by offering a wide range of top trending stories that inspire our Sierra Leone community and contributing creatively as the national online TV/radio network to inform the public about the implementation of State policies, knowledge and attitudes.

We believe that access to information and the ability to communicate are fundamental human rights in the information age. KTV Sierra Leone as a community television would ensure that all citizens have access to the information and communication channels necessary to exercise their civic rights and responsibilities, to share political, cultural, artistic, spiritual, and individual expression, and to promote a culture of human rights. KTV Sierra Leone television has a powerful role to play in community cultural development as a means of enabling alternatives to the cultural values imposed on communities by top-down and politically driven forms of media.


We aim to carry out online TV/radio broadcasting in such a manner as to improve the quality of life of our viewers/listeners by way of developing their skills, knowledge, and attitudes relating to various fields such as economic, social, cultural, political, ethical, education and entertainment. KTV Sierra Leone is committed to providing community access to the powerful medium of television as a tool to promote human rights, social justice, and community cultural development.

Remember we are your online source for local news, business, global technology, entertainment, politics, sports, health and social media.

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