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The president of of Sierra Leone football association Isha Johansen and the secretary Chris Kamara appear in court today  for an alleged corruption case presented by the anti-corruption commission   preceded over by Justice Riginald SYDNEY.

peace loving foot ball fans and numerous others are currently at the court of Sierra Leone calling for the resignation of Isha Johansen, according to them isha has not been instrumental since she took office.

KTV reporter speaking to one of the protester Ibrahim Kamara, he said ” we supported Isha when she came for the position, we thought she was going to ensure that young talented footballers are been supported and taking to another level, but she  turned her office  to collecting money from Fifa without doing nothing, hence we are calling for the resignation of Isha with immediate effect, we want foot ball to play”


the court seat to determine the case of alleged corruption  in few minutes

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