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Exclusive: Eddie Hearn says he will respond to Deontay Wilder’s $50m Anthony Joshua offer today

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Exclusive: Eddie Hearn says he will respond to Deontay Wilder’s $50m Anthony Joshua offer today

Listen to the full interview with Eddie Hearn, above

Eddie Hearn has told Jim White on talkSPORT that he will respond to Deontay Wilder’s $50m offer to Anthony Joshua today and ask to see a contract for the fight.

Wilder sensationally revealed that a $50m offer had been made through his social media accounts on Wednesday night and Joshua is said to be “very interested” in the deal.

“Last night we got an email from Deontay Wilder personally offering us $50m and we have to give him a yes or no today,” explained Hearn.

“We’ve got a meeting scheduled tomorrow with their team and we’ve gone back and said show me the money! We need to know where it is, when it is.

“[We’re] going back to Wilder’s team to say: ‘[We’re] very interested, show us the contract, show us the money, more details please.’

“They want total control of the show which might or might not work, Anthony’s got a lot of TV contracts that we’ve got to satisfy.

“We don’t know if it’s a PR stunt at this time or whether it’s real. If it is it’s a good one, and if it’s not we’re definitely interested!”

“With all due respect to Deontay I’m not sure he has that type of money, but I’m on the case and very interested to discuss it more.”

When asked about the status of the current offer, AJ’s promoter continued: “We haven’t even seen any paperwork yet so we’re gonna request that and we’re gonna explore it.

“Will this deal go through? Probably not, because when we get the contract, if we ever get it, there’ll be all sorts in there.

“This is the fight Anthony Joshua wants next, he’s already told me that. It’s a massive fight, a massive risk, but that’s what he’s about. He wants to be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.”

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