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President Koroma Heading for a doom mess in Sierra Leone


Many people will recall on our subsequent programs at one of our popular “TINK TON” Program, I did mention that President Koroma will never allow peace in the country to prevail due to his fear of a possible trial by any other possible government. According to his March 23rd speech on the outcome of the elections, clearly points how he is not ready to allow the Loyal constitution to prevail. He started this by unlawfully changing or removing high Court Judges whom he considers not dancing to his planned strategies of “ONLY ME”.

But will Sierra Leoneans ready to see a better Sierra Leone without Earnest Koroma? A.P.C is an Institution which has many other good people that are contributing immensely to the development of the country.

According to some political thinkers, the President has been seen instructing the High Court officials on issues which he thinks will hamper his ambitions.

As the main reason for this injunction is to :

  • Investigate the NEC Chairman who will be found wanting and remove him
  • Selecting Miata French to the position as they know is one of the main girls of former NEC Chairman who is a current sitting A.P.C government Minister.
  • To see how he can extend his grip on power

One can recall that after the same ruling party Candidate who also filed another court case against the NGC presidential Candidate which will have made the NGC Candidate lose his right to vote or to either lose his seat.

What we are now saying is that let the elections go on and let our sisters and Brothers go to school and the country moves on.

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