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As elections drawing closer BBC Media Action Sierra Leone engages media practitioners


BBC media action Sierra Leone, as one of its mandates to train media practitioners, has organized a two days training workshop with support from the UNDP and UK aid. The main reason was to train journalists, WhatsApp group administrators, administrators of various Facebook pages on the effective use of social media as a means of informing and entertaining. According to Mr. Kevin Lamin Lamdo, who works for the BBC media action reminded the participants of their responsibility to Inform, educate, and entertain the people.

In the first session of the training, Mr. Kevin Lamin Lamdo elaborated on the importance of journalism citing that in reporting a story one should always try to get the analytical point from the source before publishing a story, in order to prevent a fake news story and will end up giving a journalist reasons to retract. He went to say journalists should always apply the zebra sign of crossing in the information they receive before publishing on newspapers, radio or TV stations. In his words, think, check, and post/share should be a focal point for a journalist.

A video which was put together by the BBC media action Sierra Leone featuring Joseph Kapuwa Esq, a private legal practitioner gave journalist present foresight in understanding the 1965 Public Order Act, specifically Section 23 which talks about Libel, stating how the Information superhighway (Social media) amidst having NO specific law governing it plays along with one committing a crime in misusing its usage.

Journalists were also taken through Editorial guidelines which explained how they should report stories impartially and without favoritism.

one of the representative of KTV Sierra Leone, Mr. Sallu Kamara welcomed the idea of BBC Media Action and said during the contribution that this training organized is of essence to be their practitioners ahead of the presidential elections, he reminded the his colleagues media practitioners of need to keep to the media code of conduct and to also seek the interest of the people. He made it clear that to them that as media practitioners we have the power to make or break our country at this crucial time in our country. ” we want to thank BBC Media Action, UK aid, and UNDP, for this brilliant idea, this has been the first ever training workshop organized that I have attended, the trainer Mr. Kevin Lamin Lamdo did extremely well, I like the idea of applying the zebra crossing approach he spoke about in any information we get. I am humbled and honored being around media practitioners from various media houses in the country; I feel we owe our citizens the best ahead of the presidential elections.” the coordinator Sallu Kamara told KTV reporter and order media practitioners during an interview after the training.

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