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Order from above banned Emmerson Bockarie and peaceful citizens from freedom of association


Over le150,000000 invested in a show organized by Tangains and lake production that is to take place on the 24, December  has been abruptly banned by order from above, The tangains festival  that over 30 years been organize by the Tangains festival committee has been banned by order from above after the  CEO of lake production and his management signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Tangains committee and the Ministry to spice up this year’s Tangains festival  by bringing popular musicians Emmerson Bockarie, Morris Kamara and K-Man to the national stadium,  Alhaji K Tarawali ( LAJ K) the CEO of lake production in conference held yesterday said, as production they have spent over le 150,000000 ( one hundred and fifty million Leones) in organizing this event to ensure that the Tangains show have  different flavor this time around for our brothers and sisters home and abroad, some commentators notes, that the banned was because Emmerson Bockarie is part of the show who the  president and government officials see as a dissident to state, supported by the CEO of Lake production Alhaji K Tarawally who man see as member or sympathizer of the national Grand Coalition which if they do is their own political rights.

The CEO recently on his facebook account and whatsapp groups shared   the MOU contract signed by Tangains Tuitie Haffner the Director, ahead of their show. In his words “The ministry of sports and stadium management are all members of the TANGAINS Festival Committee including Freetown Playa and TBS. The Stadium Manager and the Minister are witness to all the signed document. It took us a month to conclude on this document.

It took over a week for the Minister to review this 15 pages MOU with LAKE Production Company Limited and the Tangains Committee. Tangains has been organizing this festival for the past 30 years in partnership with stadium management.

Why the shock cancellation from the “Powers that be” if we have met all this legal and documentation process with the stadium management via their committee.

Like we said, we’re not going to say anything again but leave our case to Allah to fight our course. We are going to bear the brunt of our lost for the greater good of all. Allah is supreme.”

Citizens from across the country are calling on the government and ministry responsible to remove the ban and allow them to show love to their fellow Sierra Leoneans who have been doing great in the entertainment industry.

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