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The authority of the wales university have been called to the attention of an ongoing claims of an authorized certificate from their university.

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Citizens  from home and abroad are calling on the Wales University to investigate an ongoing claimed of certificate   for one Samura Kamara or Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara admitted to their University who is presently the presidential aspirant for the All people’s Congress (A.P.C). this clarion call came after many Sierra Leoneans doubted  the certificate claiming to have been provided to this presidential candidate. 


The  certificate purported to have been awarded to Samura Kamara or Samura Wilson Kamara has lot of questions.


1) Where is the ID number on the certificate  to verify his claim?


2)Why the modification of the certificate in 2016?


3) What is the real name of the minister of foreign Affairs?


4) Can we also see copy of his school result, national ID card and Passport?  (just to set the record straight)


5)If their was  change of name from Samura Kamara to Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara can he provide us evidence of his change of name?

6) If The date on the certificate is 17 December 1986 why was he unable to  present it to ADB or parliament at the time they asked for it?


We are calling on the administration of the Wales University to to send us a copy of his certificate to our email  address or to any of the email address of credible journalists in Sierra Leone so as to put his case to rest. we respect the credibility of this university.


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