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Empower and comfort my people organization  builds  a school for the  community people in Tombo village

The Empower and comfort my people organization open a school at Gbankoh in Tombo Village ,  an idea of one Sierra Leonean base  in Sweden  Ms  Zainab F Osuji  who created the organiztion just after the thousands of children and young people that died during the Ebola crises. According to her,  she has been touched by the Ebola crises that wiped off thousands o children and left many of many motherless and fatherless, during the Ebola crises, their organization supported the Victory hope Church orphans in Makeni through  their coordinator Pastor Alfred Kargbo that used the money  to buy food and non food items for the a victims. she said ” I feel we we have all been affected,  most of the orphans have been homeless after this tragic disaster took place,both the immediate people that lost their parents  and others that are far away, this idea of Empower and comfort my  people is gear towards giving home and supporting these  vulnerable children  that have been affected during the Ebola crises  to ensure that  they have a place they call home and also have access to education, we are not only giving them  access to education but also foster families  from home and abroad. People that they  can call fathers and mothers”     
This idea according to the principal founder  of the organization base in Sweden, Ms Osuji said that their has been long silence since the Ebola ended, and nothing has been said for the orphans, so this organization will not only  serve as a home for those affected victims but also as place were they will advocate for them nationally and  internationally. She said  that through her strong believe in God loves for all children , she has been surrounded by good people who have passion to not only support these children but to also be their foster parents.
This school that have accommodate over 120 children, has been a welcoming news to people living around these communities,   community leaders and family members who could not afford to send their children to School applauded the work of  Ms Osuji . the payment to principal and School teachers of this school has been supported by this organization. Everything  is free for all the children attending the Grace  land Academy

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