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Millions of dollars collected by President Koroma’s government, the children of the Mudslide and flood victims remain the same.

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It has been over 2 months since schools reopens, over 500 children are unable to attend this year. The government is unable to create scholarships program for the affected victims.

Children who happens to be victims of the devastating Mudslide that took over 500 souls and left over 1000 homeless have been camp in various unfinished houses who might probably not attend school this year due to lack of money or negligence of the government to provide them with scholarship programs, are now standing potential risk of becoming school dropout in Sierra Leone.


After the August 14 mudslide and flooding disaster rocked various communities including Kaningo, Motemeh at Mount Sugar Loaf in the Regent Community,. Left hundreds of children motherless and fatherless who will seem not to attend school this year, reports says, their hope non government organization and some well meaningful Sierra Leoneans,  few  have been taken by Don Bosco, Pikin organization and some  fellow Sierra Leoneans whiles hundreds of them remain hopeless. and turns hotpot or the government to be receiving donation. Most of the victims lost their parents who have being supporting their education all this whiles.


Most of the parents who survived the horrific disaster could not send their children to school this year  because the heavy downpour  took their little money and belongings  they had saved in their houses.  Speaking to one of the victims, he confided to us that he has saved  money for his children through the little money he got from his small carpentry workshop, he stated as for now, the future of his family and that of his children are blink because he is having no hope of starting all over again to save money for his children as his health condition is poor.


According to him, the government has not taken any decision about the education of their children for now, noting that the government has been focus on relocating them to a new home, a process which many field of thought note that they are going to pay for the new construction going on at four mile, despite the millions of dollars collected by president Koroma and his Vice President in support for the Mudslide victims. A question asked by many Sierra Leonean which brought about the question of where the 706 carat diamond is.



According to some field of thoughts, they note that the victims of the recent Mudslide victims will be neglected like that of the Ebola victims.  Hundreds of the mudslide victims have been housed in and unsafe place which serves as a trap for government to continue collecting money from international organizations and some fellow Sierra Leoneans.


  1. Alimamy Kabia says

    Really our Leaders of Sierra Leone do not have the fear of the Lord at all, instead of giving the money donated by various good willed Countries and Individuals to help those who where involved in that tragic deserter, the Government of Sierra Leone under the Leadership of Bai Koroma have done nothing for those people? that is so bad as a nation. This is just the replica of the past Ebola saga in the Country, God help us as a Nation. With all these bad record they will be going again to the people to ask them to vote them in again. For many APC supporters this is what they call development in the Country. God will punish them one by one for their evil.

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