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Pastor Victor Ajesafe political affiliation finally exposed.

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According to one  church going member of the sanctuary praise church, has finally  exposed  Pastor Victor Ajesafe in a Whatsapp recording shared in group of him saying that Victor Ajesafe has been praying against the coming of the Islamic Scholar Mufti Menk which the leader and chairman of the ADP Mohamed K Mansaray describes the pastor of  being outrageous, political,  and dangerous to national security in a whatsapp group.

The religious tolerance that have been in existence for over decades  is today under threat by a Foreigner pastor  Victor Ajesafe  whom many  Sierra Leoneans see after his recent message of hate against Muslims which intelligence sources say he is a great supporter of  the All People’s congress saying that most big APC and SLPP members  are  attending his church  including Prince Harding the chairman of the SLPP , e.t.c who was present on the sermon with his wife.

This tragic event took place few days after the recent visit of Mufti Ishmail Menk, an Islamic scholar who came to Sierra Leone on a ” divine tour”  organised by the Foundation of Islamic Information SL Ltd ,  In which Mufti Menk describes himself as a Sierra Leonean because of he was warmly welcome by Sierra Leoneans at the Lungi international airport and crowed at the national stadium.
Kamarainba noted that Prince Harding  was present at the church during the lecture of Ajesafe  where he reportedly blasted for an Islamic scholar who came to Sierra Leone on an  Islamic tour.  a tour which many Sierra leoneans describe as a blessing to our nation to host such an Islamic scholar.
Kamarainba, according to him watched the full video and noted that Prince Harding and his wife were there. He stated that the video we are watching on Whatsapp is just a snippet, he went on saying that the pastor  said words far beyond What we listened to. According to Kamarainba, he  said, ” this man went far beyond this,  is just outrageous ”  he said on a recording he shared in a Whatsapp group , as he made mentioned of  Prince Harding  who was present there with his wife, who was nodding during the sermon.
According to Kamarainba, the least Prince Harding should have done is to leave the church during the sermon as that might stop the pastor from his blasphemous words if he had no option to caution the pastor directly .kamarainba went further, saying that,  pastor Ajesafe  spoke about why APC and SLPP will never give  two government  positions to Christians noting that the Minister of Education and  Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kamarainba said , according to Ajesafe those government positions are giving to Muslims and the reason why they are always giving to Muslims is because Muslims do not value education most especially educating a girl child.
He noted that, he was opportune to talk to one of the member of the church who attended the service, who told  him that couple of weeks ago, this same Ajesafe has been praying and  told church members that  Mufti Menk will not come to Sierra Leone,   Something which many Sierra Leoneans say, the pastor’s hate is as a result of the over 50.000 population of both Christians and Muslims that attended  the event and that nobody paid a cent to attend.  Kamarainba noted that all the prayers of the pastor failed as the Islamic scholar came and was warmly welcome by president Koroma in state house.
This self-styled acclaimed man of God, Victor Ajesafe still refusing to apologize to the Muslims for the statement he uttered despite the tireless efforts by most Christians people in the country. A pastor, who is also said to have been selling handkerchiefs and anointing oil in the  name of  curing people and making  people rich, a miracle he has never performed for over 20 years he has been in the country.
This same pastor has been reportedly supporting Johnny Paul Koroma during the sad days of the long decayed civil  war, saying that this Ajesafe was by then the pastor  in the camp of Johnny Paul Koroma and could not advised him or disassociate himself from the cabal.
Some Sierra Leoneans  also noted that it was this same pastor that was sent to Pademba road after the war, who also made mentioned that if late  former President  Kabba  succeeds in coming to Sierra Leone , he is going to wipe his ass with the holy bible.
Many Sierra Leoneans see this man as threat to national security and calling on the government to stop the investigation and deport this man with immediate effect, noting that we have always maintain religious tolerance as a country, this  pastor should not destroy this donkey years of religious tolerance we have enjoyed.
The people of Sierra Leone are however hoping to hear from the president who have been very inactive since this came up, noting that the president should have been the first person to speak and calm the nation as it is now  national security. The people of Sierra Leone are hoping that the president hear their cries for the deportation of this man who purported to be man of God.
Many Sierra Leoneans see the decision of the government to close the church, and for the Independent media commission to close the radio station were both  wrong steps, saying that they should allow the churches and  radio station to operate but under strict conditions noting that people should not be deprive from worshiping God. the people are having problem with the Pastor not the churches and Radio station.
  1. Chez Winakabs says

    Please find another word for foreigner. It does not bode well when someone who would object to being discriminated against is now using the very same words when used against him is uncomfortable.

    The pastor has lived in Sierra Leone for over 30 years and we should consider him as one of us.

    What may have happened is not as serious as the lack of education and impoverishment our people are facing. Had many tried to understand his stupidity, as many would like to see his utterance, we would not be speaking about this for long.

  2. James Saliu Sandy says

    Comment: All I have read here from your website it all truth.. Thanks for giving us source about what’s happening in Sierra Leone

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