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Pastor Victor Ajesafe is a threat to religious tolerance.

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Just after the timely public lecture of Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk an Islamic scholar who visited Sierra Leone on the 22nd September 2017 on what was known as a theme “Divine inspiration”. This memorable and momentous lecture was held at the national stadium in which over 50,000 Sierra Leoneans both Christians and Muslims were gathered to witness the event.

Just after his short visit to Sierra Leone, a purported Man of God Victor Ajisafe of ‘Sanctuary Praise Church’ also known as Christ Revival Evangelistic Ministries described Sierra Leone as Christian and idol worship country according to the history of the land. He also condemned Menk, preached a hate message against the learned scholar.

Many Sierra Leoneans who are not happy with Ajisafe hate speech, said they will beat him up to death if found anywhere in Sierra Leone. They claimed that Ajisafe want to destroy the long religious tolerance that have existed for many years.

According to a Sierra Leonean living in London whom I spoke to on the phone and doesen’t want his name to be mentioned, had said Ajisafe was the same man that supported JOHNNY Paul Koroma whom was Ex Junta Leader in bringing pandemonium during the 10 years civil war. As a pastor, he supported Johhny Paul instead of advising him not to create Chaos in Sierra Leone. He also added that, Ajisafe was arrested and locked at the then Pa Demba Road prison (now Correctional Centre) after the war for his support to JOHNNY Paul Koroma. He also said that, it was the same Ajisafe man that out-rightly mentioned, if late president Alhaji Ahmed Kabba returned to Sierra Leone from exile, he was going to wipe his a*s with a bible, something which many Sierra Leoneans viewed then as a message of hate.

Many Sierra Leoneans all over the world who believed in religious tolerance are calling on the government to deport him to Nigeria where he originates from for security reasons. They noted that some disgruntled citizens might beat him to death if found anywhere in the country, even though Many, Sierra leoneans, however maintained that his church and radio stations should not be suspended or banned.

This recent incident came up just after the country experienced mudslide and flooding killing hundreds of people and leaving many more without homes. Sierra Leoneans are presently trying to recover from that devastating incident.

Speaking to a Muslim brother he gave me an example of how religious tolerance have been part of his life for a very long time “I Sleep and wake with a Christian brother and when We wake up in the morning, I usually go for prayers at the mosque whiles he does his Praise and worship at home. I could remember this brother waking me up during the beautiful month of Ramadan to eat Suhoor a meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting; even wake me up sometimes when it is time for prayers . I could also remember attending with him for Sundays service if the need be”.

The Government continues to call for calm and restraint from all whom might be affected by the current situation. Regional & District social services institutions, in collaboration with Police and Security agencies, are continuing to engage religious leaders around Sierra Leone to maintain the religious tolerance and the peaceful coexistence of religions and peoples.

Millions of Sierra Leoneans are strongly calling for this man to be deported for his personal safety noting that what may happen if he forgive and allow to continue to preach his message of hate should not surprise the government.

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