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NEC Commissioner for Western Area – Miatta French urged Sierra Leoneans about the 2018 Elections

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Salone’s 2018 Elections Registration Period Starts March 20 to April 16 2017 from 7:00 am till 5:00PM daily.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has announced that a total of 3,300 Civil and Voters registration Centres (C.V.R.C) would be used to register eligible Sierra Leoneans for the forth coming presidential, parliamentary and local council’s elections scheduled for March 7, 2018.

Christopher A. A Jones, an Electoral Officer of NEC, revealed that the voter registration exercise would run from March 20 to April 16, 2017, across the country, and that only those who took part in the process during the four weeks allocated by the commission would be eligible to vote.

He was making a Power Point presentation in the conference room of NEC at Tower Hill in Freetown during an engagement with civil society organizations, political party representatives, pressmen and members of the public on the voter registration process. Mr. Jones further said, voter registration is the process of unifying the identity of potential voters in other words voters who are 18 years or will turn 18 years on the date of the election and entering their names and other substantiating information to establish a register of eligible voters.
He also mentioned that, Section 33 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone states that: “The National Electoral Commission (NEC) shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of the registration of voters for, and of, all public elections and referenda.”

He said the registration of potential voting population would be led by NEC and after which, the National Civil Registration Authority (N.C.R.A) will then proceed with the subsequent civil registration process after they would have finished capturing eligible voters.

Mr. Jones maintained that a single registration form would be used during both registrations. Data generated during voter registration would be shared with NCRA, the dual-purpose registration is consistent with the legal instruments of both institutions; mobile biometric registration VIU820 kits would be used for the civil and voter registration which was supplied by SMARTMATIC.

Highlighting the functions of the kit, Mr. Jones said it included a camera, fingerprint reader, computer and signature pad to ensure the integrity of both the civil and voter registration registers by upholding the principle of one person one vote

Also, NEC Commissioner for western area, Miatta French, urged Sierra Leoneans to come out in their numbers and register for the elections as they would not be going to households to do the registration.

She said polling staff would be at the various centres from 7am to 5pm on a daily basis in order to capture the information of eligible voters.

Even though special arrangements have not been made for persons with disabilities, Commissioner French assured that preference and assistance will be provided to them once they make themselves available at the centres.

She added that each of the centres will have one VIU 820 kit with three registration staff on hand to capture voters’ information.

Unlike the last voter registration, wherein pictures of people where not clear, Chief of Voters Roll and Data Management, Henry Swaray, said there was a software in place now to ensure that pictures were clean.

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