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Big Trouble Na Small Small Salone…Wudat go be we next President?

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President Ernest Bai Koroma announces election date  March 7th 2018 Wudat go be we next President?

President Ernest Bai Koroma’s final term of office would come to an end this 2017, ushering in the 2018 presidential election campaign. With barely 12 months to the crucial 2018 presidential election, politicians from the two main political parties – the ruling All Peoples Congress(APC) and the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) – have shown vested interest in leading their respective party to State House.

Another addition to the list we already knew is the Majority Leader of Parliament, Honourable Ibrahim Bundu whom declared his intention to run as flag bearer aspirant of the All Peoples Congress (APC) on March 3rd, 2017. He said he was confident that the next President of the country will be an APC person and that individual is going to be himself.

Ibrahim Bundu was the Organising Secretary of the APC in North America prior him returning to Sierra Leone in 2002. Hon. Bundu has represented Constituency 52 in Port Loko District for three terms.
He became the Minority Whip then Chief Whip of Parliament in 2007. He emerged as Deputy Majority Leader and Majority Leader in 2012. He is presently the Port Loko District Chairman of the APC.
He was asked why he thought he was the right person to represent the Party in the coming election, He said the people in the Party have seen all he has done to bring development in his Constituency as well as his role as a member of the Party. He added, “I have a business to ensure that the legislative agenda of the country be fulfilled,” aso he has contributed immensely in the area of infrastructure, health, education and energy.

He also mentioned that the country is enjoying electricity, good roads and fast growing economy so he will only improve on what the President was doing. When asked if he would only improved on what the president has done, Responding to the question it doesn’t mean I will not do something new. If the President has constructed four lanes road, I will decide to make it six. That is something new. All the plans in the Party’s manifesto will not be fulfilled in ten years so we will continue with our manifesto” to achieve everything.


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