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Another Fraud allegation against ADP Party leader Kamarainba.

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Ibrahim Soummah, Deputy Chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) described Mohamed Kamarainba Manasary, the Leader and Chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party as a fraudster, dictator and corrupt leader. He called for the resignation of the Party Leader on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.
According to the Soummah, the resignation demand is the position of the Party members especially those in the diaspora, who are not pleased with the dictatorial attitude of Mohamed Kamarainba Manasary.
Soummah described the operation of the party as a one-man show run by the Leader. He stated that Kamarainba does not account for any transaction with regards to the funds he receives from the diaspora.
While deliberating on issues of alleged deception and corruption manifested by the leader, Alpha Kamara, ADP Interim Chairman East, also disclosed a complaint file by the membership to the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) asking the leader to quit the party and account for funds.
Kamara accused the Kamarainba of manipulating and contradicting the PPRC and ADP Constitution in satisfying his desires. He added that any attempt to question such process means dismal of Executive Member from actively participating in the Party operations.
Kamarainba denied the allegations of corruption and dictatorial attitude pointing out that 95% of Party funding is from his private revenue.
Kamarainba referred to the mandatory audit report submitted to the PPRC annually to authenticate his transparency in running the affairs of the Party. He added that such allegations lack proof. “Soummah cannot produce any evidence in supporting his claims,” Kamarainba said.
In his statement, Kamarainba referred to Soummah as a fraud stating that Soummah fraudulently took up position by deceiving the Party that he will stay in the country.
Kamarainba referred to his leadership role as one that is based on the principle of both the PPRC Act and the Party Constitution. He pointed out that there are two signatures to the Party’s account.  He cannot fraudulently interfere with account without the knowledge of the Party Treasurer.

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