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Emmerson answers to rumours that he was arrested at Heathrow Airport on Cocaine charges


After a thorough investigation by KTV Networks, we can now discredited reports that CEO of Sugar Entertainment and Sierra Leone musical superstar Emmerson Bockarie was arrested in London at the Heathrow International Airport on Wednesday after allegedly attempting to smuggle two kilograms of cocaine.

The rumours started circulating on Wednesday after an article posted by a fake news website ( ) claiming that customs and border  police arrested the last man standing Emmerson Bockarie  for trying to traffic over GBP £80,000 worth of drugs hidden in two bags of coffee inside his two suitcases. We want our readers and the Sierra Leone people to know that Emmerson is safe and was never at any time interrogated, neither arrested by police on any related drug crimes in London. Emmerson is currently in Miami Florida the United States of America where he is having fun and working on some new projects.

The rumours are not only fake but a way to taint the good name of Mr Emmerson Bockarie and the people of Sierra Leone.

WARNING! Be careful of what you read online these-days because some fake website post fake stories to attract views and sometimes inject malicious codes to copy all your information once you visit their page or website.

This is why we are here to inform you on all real breaking news.


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