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S.L.P.P peace deal upsets senior A.P.C members in the country.

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After years of self-flagellation which almost led to the calamitous downfall of Sierra Leone’s main opposition SLPP party, there is news today of an end to its downward spiral.

Peace it seems has finally returned where there was once anarchy, division and infighting among party leaders aspiring for the presidential candidacy of the party.

All of the presidential aspirants of the SLPP had a fruitful peace meeting yesterday at the party office in Freetown, after which they all walked together across to the capital’s historic landmark – the Freetown Cotton Tree where they made public speeches to embrace the arrival of the new normal – peace.

Speaking to the Sierra Leone Telegraph last night, Alie Kabba – the architect of the peace deal and mission, said: “I am delighted to see that peace is returning to this our great party, and I pray that it will be sustained for the good of democracy in Sierra Leone, and the members of the party to whom so much is owed.”

In an interview on the 22nd of January 2017, en-route to Sierra Leone, Alie Kabba told the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph Abdul Rashid Thomas , that he will be calling on all SLPP party grassroots supporters of flagbearer aspirants across the country, to form Peace and Unity Brigades (PUB) as a platform for mass mobilisation and promotion of internal party harmony at all levels.

Alie Kabba firmly decried the futility of fighting each other in the party, instead of focusing energies on how to defeat APC and take SLPP back to State House in February 2018.

“SLPP must urgently end internal feuding and quickly heal self-inflicted wounds”, he re-emphasized, stressing:”There are no winners in selfish divisions and acrid acrimony. We are all losers when we fail to see merit in collective victory”.

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